Mario Apostolou is a leading expert in creating phenomenal property investment opportunities.

In the last 23 years he has helped people like you acquire and/or create their own property portfolio, in London , and in Cyprus . He assisted investors in becoming financially free and in earning constant income each month, through properties. He gave professional advice, to existing owners of properties as to the optimum performance of their property portfolio and helped with property sales and rentals, he offered advice and assistance for refurbishment and restyling of properties in achieving higher returns and/or rental yields, he engaged himself in "hands free" property management for the owners and offered his services in property sourcing and corporate letting.


Mario Apostolou s firms specialize in all aspects of property investments and property management. They act for a wide spectrum of investors interested in the London property market, including institutions, property companies, fund managers as well as private investors.

They have excellent relationships with leading London investors/owners, agents, corporations etc. Their intimate knowledge of the London region and its outstanding requirements means that they are able to make wise decisions on existing and future property investment opportunities.

Since 1995, they have a proven and extensive track record of acquiring, modernizing, renting and disposing of property investments across London for a large number of clients/investors.

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There seems to be no other professional team more knowledgeable in the property market of fine London properties than his.

If you know someone who you think could benefit from Mario's expert advice on property, please get them to contact him.

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