I only do radical property investments with high profile investors who aim to achieve amazing results in investing in fine London properties and even more amazing results in achieving the life you dream and deserve.



Leading property expert, Real estate developer, investor and Architect, Mario Apostolou was born in the sixties in Cyprus.

Mario was an energetic, assertive, and highly charismatic young man when his parents sent him to the University in the U.K. at the age of 20, to study architecture (His lifelong ambition) hoping the discipline of the university would channel his energy in a positive manner. Mario did extremely well at the University both socially and academically rising to be a star student having won a series of architectural competition, He received his BA degree in Architecture followed by a post graduate Diploma in 1986 when he graduated from the Birmingham School of Architecture. The same year, the RSA (Royal Society of Arts in the UK ) awarded him with the title of Fellow member of the society as a result of outstanding academic achievement in winning their 1986 architectural competition.




Mario Apostolou started his business as a professional Architect in Cyprus back in 1986. Whilst he was busy doing architectural projects and designs for a number of years he also spent time in the construction industry and learned a tremendous amount about every aspect of the property market. He then fulfilled his dream and created the PALATINO Group of Companies mainly dealing with property investments and developments of which is the Chairman and President of the Group and since 1989 he became involved in profitable property development projects in Cyprus .

The PALATINO signature became synonymous with the most prestigious developments and investments in the most prestigious addresses in Cyprus . The portfolio of distinguished properties consisted of finely designed and exquisitely constructed residential block of apartments, office towers, commercial developments, exclusive homes in the most exclusive area of Cyprus .

Mario Apostolou in his quest for constant and never ending improvement has continuously set new standards of excellence while expanding his interests internationally and eventually He expanded into the London property market in 1995 where he gained invaluable experience.

With over 23 years experience and an envious portfolio of properties both in Cyprus and the UK as well as a plethora of professional articles published in the press both in Cyprus and the UK, Mario Apostolou became the most recognized property investor especially in Cyprus, and the PALATINO brand readily acknowledged as representing the epitome of exclusivity in quality and design. As a preeminent developer of quality property investments, his acumen is unrivaled and the diversity of his interests has set a new paradigm in the world of property investments and developments. His commitment to excellence is legendary. His expertise and knowledge in property investments unrivaled. His became the archetypal businessman constantly pushing the boundaries further. Mr. Mario Apostolou still gets personally involved in everything that his name represents. It is this commitment that puts his clients at ease when he advises them.




Mario s vast and immensely successful experience in the property sector in London and abroad ensures that his clients receive outstanding advice on property values, rental yields and thorough market analysis whether purchasing, disposing or simply owning properties. The focus is on property fundamentals, demographics and regional economic outlook, that underpin the prospects for possible future growth based on extensive experience and understanding of market trends and demand.

Based on the above principles, Mario Apostolou and his team are able to identify and appraise the properties they invest in, whether for their clients or themselves. His specialized knowledge of the London property market allows him to provide sound advice aiming for maximum results.

Mario Apostolou when offering his professional advice to his valued clients he particularly focuses on:

•  Creating sustainable cash flow deals ( very useful during crisis)

•  Investing in 'safe heaven' areas across London and

•  Acquiring property investments with potential for serious future capital appreciation.




Mario Apostolou is an avid Art lover/collector and his passion couple up with his enough art knowledge was evident with the creation of the popular g-gallery, an art gallery that he created in 1998 in Limassol Cyprus , as a departure from his real estate acquisitions. G-gallery hosted some of the most important art exhibitions in the whole of Cyprus for some of the most well known Cypriot and Greek artists. Thousands of visitors per year visited the gallery during the hosting of the various art exhibitions which made it an instant success.



An accomplished writer Mr. Mario Apostolou regularly writes professional articles in the press on current property issues and the property market in general both in London and Cyprus .



Mario Apostolou is a keen supporter of a number of Charities and Charitable organizations and has through his group of companies predominantly helped underprivileged children to complete both their secondary as well as their University education making a difference in the way their education and consequently their life evolved. He has also actively helped the Cypriot Society of Cancer sufferers and friends.