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My name is Mario Apostolou and I guess you are here maybe because you want to be sure of what is it that you should be doing about properties in London . Whatever the reason let me share a bit about me. But before I do that let me tell you that information alone will not help you succeed in investing in the London property market. Well, there are just too many unknowns and too many traps out there, so apart from getting information on the London property market and wondering what to do with it, you need to make sure to get it from a professional and reliable source…… in other words……


Over the years I discovered that whenever I would subscribe on someone's e-mail list, I would eventually end up unsubscribing simply because I was skeptical about their information. To me they were nothing more than a name on my computer screen trying to capture my attention and/or my money. You know what I mean. What puzzled me most was the need to know( I mean really….. know) who was that person on the other end? What did they stand for, and what do they stand against. Why are they in the property market, how long they have been doing it? What is their story? Who did they work with? I am sure you agree that all these are very important because we are talking about YOU and YOUR life.

Therefore with all these in mind let me share a little bit more about my self, so I am not just another name on your screen. I am doing this because I truly feel that you could benefit from my professional expertise on properties and I tryly feel that I have some amazing advice to share with you that could really change your life. I am going to do my utmost to guide you through the London property market in a professional manner assisting you every step of the way in your quest to property investments.

I must admit that my journey through the property market, over all these years, has made me a more complete person and is now giving me the opportunity to help others like YOU!

A few days ago a very dear client of mine asked me whether I would do this again. And I answered


Enjoy Life being healthy and successful.


Mario Apostolou